Multicultural Case Studies

iMCI will post a different case study every two months! Please feel free to contact iMCI with feedback or suggestions.

For more information, the following iMCI Publications are also available:

Multicultural Case Studies: Tools for Training
Written and compiled by Rohini Anand, PhD and Laura K. Shipler
150 pages. 3rd Ed. 2004. $49.95.

Customizing Diversity Training with Case Vignettes
Written and compiled by Rohini Anand, PhD and Shilpa A. Hart
223 pages. 3rd Edition. 2005. $49.95

These iMCI publications include case studies organized under topic area. Many trainers find that the use of case studies, developed from real situations, provides workshop participants with the opportunity to discuss complex diversity and cultural issues. To order these manuals, please see our How to Buy page.

Case Scenario: A Generation Apart

Carol has worked in the agency for thirteen years. A dedicated employee, she currently works in the human resources department. She was hired as an administrative assistant and has worked her way up in the agency over the years. Sally, a new employee in the department, is twenty-three years old. Carol supervises Sally’s work and provides her with feedback. “When I was your age,” Carol says, “I was working as a secretary. It took a long time for me to get where I am today. Your work is fine, Sally, but you don’t put your heart into it. I think that’s the problem with your generation — you’re just not committed to your work.”


  • What are the issues in this case?
  • What are the longevity issues?
  • Did Carol handle the situation well?
  • What are the potential outcomes of this situation? What strategies can be implemented to address this situation?