What People Are Saying

About Our Diversity Conferences

“The workshop was a great introduction to the topic of Diversity. This was much more than I ever expected!! Wow!!!”
Jeannette Beene, DC WASA

“Very worthwhile. A good foundation for personal growth, which will hopefully lead to change in the organizations I work with.”
Percy Brown, Oklahoma State University Prevention Programs

“This workshop has provided me with strategies and specific techniques that will be useful as a facilitator. The trainers have tapped into the things I didn’t know, and the goups’ involvement has nurtured and encouraged my growth.”
Natasha White, Baltimore County Public Schools

“The awareness and enthusiasm of the presenters were an inspiration to me. I now want to ‘apply’ the knowledge learned in a constructive format.”
Dr. Dennis M. Spinella, Chief Administrative Office, School Lane Charter School, Besalem, PA

“It continues to be the most rewarding and transforming experience of my life. The videos, exercises and group dynamics are fabulous!”
Drollii Holmes, Trainer, Nicholson & Spencer Training Institute, Denver, CO

“Totally awesome! Informative, enriching, interactive. Chock full of learning.”
Mark Green, Human Resources Business Partner, Rosenbluth International, Coatesville, PA

“Excellent opportunity to broach painful, difficult subjects. Great tools, ideas and skills to assist in working effectively with different people in diverse settings.”
Beth Lane, Diversity Consultant, AARP, Washington, DC

“Great modeling strategies.”
John Shuford, Assistant Professor, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR

“It gave me so many practical and useable tools to help me in the real world back home.”
Sherry D. Lipson, President, Workplace Solutions, Ltd., Bloomfield, MI

“Helped me to crystallize strategies to use in my work environment.”
T.E. Arthur, CSA Consumer/Family Liaison, Maryland Health Partners, Columbia, M

“The training experience fully and deeply manifested the rich complexity and importance of diversity and cultural competency work. The session was for me a multidimensional, intellectually stimulating, and emotionally moving experience. I highly recommend it.”
Samuel Schindler, EEO Programs Training Coordinator, City and County of San Francisco

About Our Organizational Training & Consulting

“…the programming and discussions were outstanding…the feedback from the participants was excellent. The workshop was well tailored to suit the needs of the Seminar and was very well organized…having professionals as facilitators added to the quality of the discussions in these challenging sessions.”
Ambassador Aurelia E. Brazeal, Dean of the Foreign Service Institute, U.S. Department of State

“…the dialogue was open, easy, and comfortable. It was great to get together and have these conversations and make important connections and conclusions.”
Carolyn Spohn, Cornell University

“NMCI’s training of trainer programs were excellent. The curriculum NMCI developed was carefully customized to meet our needs and continues to be a useful resource to our mediators.”
Toni Riley Jones, Education and Training Director, Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service

“The work of the National MultiCultural Institute has had a profoundly positive effect on the work of the Maryland Network Against Domestic Violence.”
Jennifer Pollitt, Maryland Network Against Domestic Violence

“NMCI is the premier Institute for diversity training!”
Deborah Manning, Director, Affirmative Action and Multicultural Services, Ithaca City School District

“We have been most impressed with NMCI’s customized approach to organizational change.”
Tom Beeson, Director of Human Resources, Radio Free Asia