Executive Coaching for Multiculturalism

Executive Consulting and Coaching

While training is valuable for executives, it is often impractical to include them in a training process with their staff. A program catered to an individual manager’s unique circumstances is a direct and effective means of professional development. iMCI’s expert coaches deliver confidential one-on-one coaching sessions with executives, complete with performance objectives and measurements, addressing topics such as: managerial style, stress and work pressure, delegation, conflict management, performance appraisals and feedback.

iMCI’s Approach to Coaching

iMCI’s approach to coaching features two simple principles:

  • The content of the sessions is driven by an individual’s performance needs and development objectives.
  • All coaching sessions are confidential.


Often the match in style and the ability to build trust may be a product of the coach and client’s race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, language, class or other dimension of diversity. To best meet the client’s needs, we strongly believe in providing our clients with a diverse pool of coaches. This not only ensures a variation of style, but also allows iMCI to match the client with a coach who understands the client’s needs. We believe this is crucial to the success of the coaching relationship. Involving a diverse pool of coaches also provides excellent role modeling.

Coaching in an Organizational Context

For coaching to be successful, we believe that there needs to be top management buy-in to the importance of the coaching program. Top leadership participating in the coaching is the most visible endorsement and also gives leadership a first-hand experience of the benefits of the coaching. We also recognize the importance of positioning the coaching, appropriately advertising the program and inviting potential clients. Placing a coaching initiative in the right context and ensuring that it has top leadership support are critical to the success of the program. Aligning coaching with the overall goals of the organization is also key to long- term success. This ensures that the coaching moves from an individual intervention to a more systemic level, which is necessary for sustained organizational change.

Our coaches have been working with top executives for many years. Our experience working with organizations — large and small, public and private — helps us to quickly focus on the most important issues for each executive.

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