Diversity Consulting

iMCI’s consulting programs help to integrate diversity into all aspects of an organization’s structure, systems and culture. iMCI has developed specific interventions to meet the unique needs of managers and employees in diverse workplace settings.

A Diversity Initiative is a proactive, comprehensive approach to institutionalizing cultural competence in order to remain competitive and ethically driven, meet the needs of diverse stakeholders, and demonstrate compliance with various national standards. iMCI has the expertise to assist clients in all aspects of designing and implementing diversity initiatives that are tied to organizational goals. iMCI believes that successful diversity initiatives must answer the following questions about an organization:

  • Does the structure promote equal opportunity and equal access to authority and responsibility?
  • Are the management systems implemented in an equitable manner and do they reflect the needs of a culturally competent workforce?
  • Does the culture enhance employee satisfaction, effectiveness, creativity, and efficiency?

iMCI works closely with clients to outline a Diversity Action Plan that serves as a blueprint for accomplishing the goals of the diversity initiative and addressing the structures, systems, and culture of the organization.

iMCI assists organizations in the design and selection of Diversity Councils, inclusive entities in which staff and managers from all levels of the organization work together to develop diversity initiatives. We skillfully guide Councils in crafting, implementing, and sustaining innovative and successful efforts.

Councils are particularly important in addressing issues of policy and management systems. They often focus on areas such as:

  • Policy Review and Benchmarking
  • Strengthening and Developing Recruitment and Retention Programs
  • Planning and Assessment
  • Promoting Cross-Cultural Communication
  • Leading Crisis Interventions
  • Networking with Affinity Groups
  • Developing Relationships with Women and Minority Suppliers
  • Sponsoring Special Events
  • Oversight of Training

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