Assessment lays the groundwork for both training and consulting. Effective organizational diversity audits, training needs assessments, evaluations, policy reviews, and benchmarking often differentiate diversity initiatives that simply spin their wheels, from those that produce lasting change and growth in an organization.

iMCI conducts a diversity audit for many of its clients. It can be performed as part of an established diversity initiative, or as a tool for developing a strategic diversity plan. It provides a “snapshot” of where the organization is today in achieving the principles of diversity, and is conducted through individual interviews, focus groups, survey data, documents review, and often, benchmarking.

iMCI is particularly skilled in both gathering relevant information and reporting it back in ways that minimize defensiveness and maximize impact. Our audits are tailored to the client, and a comprehensive report is provided with results and recommendations.

Training Needs Assessments

Some organizations choose not to undertake a full diversity initiative. Nevertheless, they wish to provide training for their managers and employees. In such instances, iMCI will conduct a limited needs assessment to gather information on the current status of diversity within the organization and among the employee base. We believe that a needs assessment is essential for a successful training program, as it begins the process of inclusion and obtains input from employees.


Evaluation measures the transfer of knowledge and long-term effectiveness of a diversity initiative. iMCI’s approach to evaluation is comprehensive, examining both immediate and long-term impact through a variety of evaluation tools and techniques.

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