Tod Ewing

Tod Ewing has over 25 years of experience as a national trainer, speaker and consultant in the field of diversity, race relations and conflict resolution. He provides workshops and presentations on models of cultural and racial unity, cultural competence, facilitation skills and most recently the practical application of spirituality to building unified social and work communities. His clients have included health organizations, businesses, schools, universities, government agencies and religious and community organizations. He has worked both nationally and internationally.
Tod is the author of several articles and most recently wrote a book titled Seeing Heaven in the Face of Black Men.

( It presents a candid and very personal look at the emotional/psychological landmines created by racism and offers the practicality of spirituality (as distinct from a particular religion) as a viable solution. He believes that some of the most effective human and civil rights leaders were grounded in spirituality and applied that consciousness to creating social justice. Tod is also co-author of Building Cultural Bridges designed for middle and high school educators and students.

Tod is a co-founder of an NAACP chapter. He has served as trainer for the National Multicultural Institute and East Ed. He serves as co-chair of the Advisory Board for Social Justice at the YWCA in Washington, D.C. and is on the Advisory Board for the Authenticity Institute. He is a writer contributor to the Science of Mind magazine.

Tod holds a master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology. (M.Div.)

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