Steven Rivelis

Steven Rivelis has extensive experience in helping people acquire the confidence, skills, and resources to design and advance “out of the box” strategies for social change.

Considered by Inc. Magazine to be the CEO of one of the “Top 100 Inner-City Companies in the United States,” he works with individuals and organizations – at the local, state, national, and international levels – to achieve successful community and economic development, fund raising, corporate citizenship, diversity utilization, issue advocacy, media/marketing, public policy, and organizational development initiatives.

In the area of diversity utilization, he specializes in systemic, application-based awareness and leadership programming for corporations, small businesses, government agencies, non-profits, school systems, faith based organizations and community associations.

He has provided diversity learning experiences to the Defense Intelligence Agency, Supreme Court of Virginia, International Monetary Fund and University of Washington School of Medicine; management and diversity coaching to ChevronTexaco, Inc., marketing and message development assistance to NASA; strategic action planning to Population Action International and Family Care International; learning transfer assistance to Power UP: Bridging the Digital Divide; as well as community and economic development consultation to civic leaders from large cities, rural towns and Arctic Villages.

He has also worked in Eastern Europe with civic leaders from post-Soviet nations on leadership development tools and citizen involvement strategies for growing democracy. And, he has trained civic and business leaders from Africa, the Middle East, Central America, Brazil, Bosnia, and the Republic of Georgia in community organizing and community mobilization with the “Winning Movements” curriculum he developed.

He has also been working with community leaders along the Gulf Coast – post-Katrina — on the Campaign to Rebuild the Fabric of Community, using their Five C’s model, a critical set of research-based and field-tested principles and practices.

And recently, he has been helping to organize and advance Cities of Service, a joint campaign launched by the Obama administration and Mayor Bloomberg’s office.

Mr. Rivelis, holding a B.S. in Psychology and a M.S.W. in Social Strategy, has served as an adjunct professor at The Johns Hopkins University – Institute for Policy Studies; an adjunct professor at the University of Maryland at Baltimore, School of Social Work, where he has taught graduate level courses on Community and Systems; and a faculty member to the Supreme Court of Virginia.

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