Dr. Juan José Callejas

Dr. Juan José Callejas is a well-known master facilitator/trainer who has led and managed training initiatives and organizational change in private and public organizations in most states of the U.S. and internationally. He has experience as a curriculum and program developer, project manager, and the assessment of changing needs and program impact. He is an expert in the planning, design, delivery and assessment of training initiatives in over a dozen fields in private and public organizational settings. His training expertise includes work in areas such as diversity in the workplace, leadership development, cross-cultural communication, working with persons with disabilities and the prevention of sexual harassment in the workplace. He is an expert trainer-of-trainers and works with training issues in the broader context of organizational and leadership development.

Dr. Callejas’ diversity experience includes both cross cultural global issues as well as categories addressed by the tenets of U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity such as race, gender, national origin/language, age, religion, persons with disabilities and issues of sexual orientation. He has experience in the cross-cultural adaptation of prevention curricula, community mobilization, leadership development and vocational training curricula. He has trained and coached individuals and groups including executives, engineers, scientists, community representatives, counselors, teachers and parents.

In leading change management, Dr. Callejas is experienced in gathering information to identify issues and conduct transition management, strategic and action planning, employee interventions and team work, and creating a sustainable and self-reliant organizational culture. He has designed and implemented an innovative approach to data gathering which enhances the quality of the work culture through the mobilization of staff and management. His organizational work is complemented with increased capacity in the emotional intelligence and leadership of all employees.

He has a doctorate in Multicultural and Vocational Education from the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana. He has conducted research on cross-cultural issues, taught courses in foreign language education and culture, and has experience conducting training and keynote speaking for the U.S.; Department of State and other international organizations such as CARE International, McDonald Hamburger University, U.S. AID.

He has performed international work in training, organizational development and community mobilization in over twenty countries in Asia, Eastern and Western Europe, Latin American and the Caribbean. He has been a diversity trainer at the USDA Graduate School in Washington D.C. and a professor of bilingual education with student teachers working with immigrant youth. Dr. Callejas is bilingual in English and Spanish and has a working knowledge of Brazilian Portuguese.

His last publications include two significant products: a corporate leadership training curriculum to facilitate an 18-months program in transition management, and a national Social Skills/Emotional Intelligence curriculum used by the U.S. Department of Labor/Job Corps in the vocational training of a yearly average of 60,000 minority and other youth.

To learn more about Dr. Juan José Callejas’ work as Manager and Founder of Callejas Consulting group, visit http://www.callejasconsulting.com.